Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OH...I forgot about the LAST DAY of Fall Break!

All I have to say is High School Musical 3! Yep...we went to the very first showing in Parker. 10:10 am on Friday morning. We got our tickets online (Thanks to Cami-big smile!) and got there 40 minutes early. There was already a line of kids and moms (some of them more excited to see it than their kids). But we got great seats and we love it. It reminded me of Grease back in my day...only better for the kids.
It was great fun. I think Tanner said one time that it was boring, but....I think he really liked it. He is getting to that age-you know....
So we made it through Fall Break and school has started again. The kids were really excited to go back and get in the routine of things.

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