Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Haunting.....

Well another year of Halloween craziness. Tanner, Cooper and Kennedy were all some type of "sport" this year. The kids all had class parties which is challenging to get to all of them, especially when I am in charge of one (Cooper's). But I made it around for at least a few minutes to see all the fun they were having with the Halloween festivities. It is so great to see your kids having fun! I LOVE being a mom!

Kennedy wanted to be a cheerleader! OH-NO...Not just any cheerleader but a High School Musical cheerleader. We had to go around to 3 different stores to find a costume with "EHS" on the front. We finally ended up finding one at our grocery store "King Soopers". Who would of thought....She was just as happy as could be!

Cooper wanted to be a lacross player. So we called around to some friends to see if we could borrow their equipment. He was so excited. He now wants to play Lacross next season. We will see!!!

Tanner wanted to be his favorite football player LT (Ladamian Tomlinson) with the San Diego Chargers. I am not sure why he is his favorite player, but none the less....he is.

Trick or Treating was great for the kids as always. And this year the weather was 78degrees so it was a beautiful evening for the kids to go out. They all went with some friends and their parents so Brian and I stayed home-to answer the door-and watched Deal or No Deal! It was so quiet!!! I thought we would have had more trick or treaters this year because it was so warm outside, but we didn't.

The next two pics are of the kids at our annual Stonegate Ward Trunk or Treat party. Since we couldn't find Lacross gear in time for this, Cooper decided to come dressed up as Michael Phelps. Funny story... He decided to come down wearing his Build A Bear basketball shorts (I know you are thinking..."He fit into them?") and yes he did. He had his Build A Bear sunglasses on, which looked just like a pair of goggles the swimmers wear in the Olympics, and strutted his stuff saying..."Hey I am Michael Phelps" (I wish...we would be rich!!! JK). Anyways, I told him that would be hilarious to go as and so he did. The only problem is the party was outside and he would have been too cold. And the Build A Bear shorts had a hole in the back for the tale )Cooper thought that would be a little strange) so he put sweats and an under armer on. We also won the pumpkin carving contest this year. The kids decided to do the wolves pattern (out of this book we have), of course it was the hardest one, and THANKS to my mom...who carved the pumpkin out...we won! The kids were way excited!!!

As always...they got WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!!! I tried to get them to take it in to an orthodontist who gives $1/pound of candy in exchange, but no takers!!! Maybe next year!
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