Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Following Through...

Just so I don't let down my friend (Landee) and get her hopes up for nothing, I am following through with an updated post (of some sort-it might be from months past-we shall see in a few...)
After further review....the winner is:

Here we have the "lucky" car Brian and Cooper built! It is a beauty I will have to say-Great job boys!!!

Cooper...checking the track...making sure it is level and ready for his car...TO WIN!!! Will it, Will this be "our" year this year...Will we have tough competition...

Well-not exactly! But we took fabulous 3rd Place (Not to rub it in Landee-we are still friends right-You know I luv ya!!!)-We thought we had it this year-the Fowlers were out and we were ready... but the competition WAS tough-Great racing everyone!
All kidding aside-it was a ton of fun and everyone was happy. Next year we will be ready...It is our last year-then that phase is over and done. Get ready...Go...Race is on for next year-See you all then!


danandcami said...

Way to go! You did it! Now I better get mine done!! Way to go Cooper and Brian!

Landee said...

Thank you for not disappointing me! And thanks for the reminder of the pinewood derby... we've already blocked that night out of our memories.

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